Currently, all countries in the world including Indonesia is heavily affected by COVID-19. While the virus spread is mainly in major cities, we see the impact also involved in rural cities as well. We started to see changes in our behavior, and everyone around us. And we got shocked when some people didn’t react as we thought. Which becomes a new normal.

From a personal perspective, my routine also changed. I am now working from home, literally. And I discover that working from home is really for certain kinds of people. While at first, I saw a lot of improvement in my productivity. But it got a lot worse because I got burned out easily, I didn’t get the same leisure routine pre-COVID19. Sitting in front of the same laptop where you do a lot of work and watch Netflix can’t be counted as leisure activity anymore. I learn that sometimes switch-off means switch-off.

As I try to look at the bigger side, all aspects around me are kinda being forced to adapt. Hotels suddenly have to think about their business continuity plan, students must capable of learning via teleconference, and we saw the worst-hit happened to people that need a daily wage. And many experts say this isn’t the bottom.

We could try to blame everyone around us, as we naturally do as a human. But we know deep inside, our only option is to follow the wave. The bottom line for the majority of us, we must expect changes happens all the time. Instead of nagging and complaining about something that we can’t control, we could be wiser and try to adapt. And it surely takes time.

Once we embrace and adapt, we started to see that there are many absurd things in our current condition. Remote working may present a solution to company productivity, we have to agree that sometimes meetings can take a lot of wasteful time. Online learning may become the new normal. Students are supposed to learn the material prior to the class. And in the class, students are supposed to discuss, not memorize the subject material.

We as a human also need to changes. We need to rethink how are we going to get happiness. You may get happiness from social activities and external factors such as a compliment, get a gift, etc. But now is the time to realize that we need to be happy with ourselves. A question that every one of us should ask is, “If there’s nothing remains, can I be happy?”.